Who are NetEnt?

  • Jan 23, 2021

Net Entertainment (NetEnt) seems like this old established software behemoth that sits on their pedestal and only allows a select few past their hallowed entrance halls. This cannot be further from the truth. Although they have been providing online gambling software and casino games for over 20 years, with offices around the globe, they have remained streamlined and close to their partners and players. They listed on the Stockholm stock exchange in 2009. To see a list of their clients that use their software, click here: http://www.topnetent-casinos.eu


Are there various comms channels with NetEnt?

Generally people that want to contact NetEnt know what they want as they hold this casino software provider to a higher standard, than to merely spam them with nonsense. They majority of people might know why they want to contact NetEnt but not always exactly whom to talk to or how to make contact. This guide will try and spell it out for people to see what channel to follow depending on the context of the interaction. This will make your slidebyslide life easier.

If you are an online casino player at one of NetEnt's many casinos, the actual casino's support staff will be a good point to start when you are not sure of what to do or whom to contact. NetEnt supplies games to many casinos and they are not the only supplier. You might be playing a game from another supplier or have a problem relating to the payment process at the casino. The best people to be able to guide you in this situation is the casino support staff.

I am a partner with NetEnt

If you are an existing partner with NetEnt, they make it very easy for you to try and answer your questions first before the need for panic email arises. On the NetEnt there is a client area (https://clientarea.netent.com/ that you can visit first. This is a repository of information around games, press releases, product information and promotion packs. IF the client area does not answer your question or it is of a technical nature, there is a client support portal at https://servicedesk.netent.com/ where a ticket can be logged.

  • NetEnt client area - https://clientarea.netent.com
  • NetEnt support portal - https://servicedesk.netent.com/
  • NetEnt emergency help number - +356 27781770.
  • NetEnt support mailbox - [email protected]

When any of the valued NetEnt partners are contacting NetEnt with a technical issue or even more severe issues such as system down, the best process to follow is to log the technical details via a ticket on the support portal and then follow up the ticket with a email or a telephone call if it is more urgent. NetEnt has outstanding support for their casino partners and the latter enjoy a lot more dedicated support perks that any other software provider.

I am not a partner, yet.

Everyone that deals with NetEnt are seen as partners. If you want to become a partner casino of NetEnt, email [email protected] If you are interested in creating the best innovative and creative game and solutions then email NetEnt HR at [email protected] For iGaming press needing a scoop, email [email protected] and investors interested in the corporate governance of NetEnt can email [email protected] For all other general queries directed to NetEnt or if you are unsure who to contact, email [email protected] or phone: +356 27781770

Contacting NetEnt iGaming provider - It does not have to be a hassle